From producer John Hughes comes a 6 episode web based mini-series set in the TOS era.

Starship Ajax is in pre-production, refurbishing and completing the Starship Exeter physical bridge set and building additional to be permanent standing sets near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Sets include a full bridge set, a full engineering set, transporter room, briefing room, sickbay, captain's quarters, corridors... totaling about 90% of the original Paramount / Desilu Stage 9 sets.

Once completed the Ajax sets will be made available to any fan production who wishes to have the TOS setting.  The hope is to inspire and encourage the development of other Star Trek fan films by negating the expenses associated with building their own sets.  For more information or to book time for filming contact executive producer John Hughes on the contact page.
Executive Producer: John Hughes
Video/Sound Supervisor: Tim Welchel
CGI: Henry Gibbens
CGI: Ken Thomson
Reference Consultant: Ken Gleim
Props: Jim Bray
At this time the production is looking for volunteers to assist in the area of story development, scripting, storyboarding, set building, video production, onset assistance with directing, unit direction, camera, computer special effects, CGI ship modeling, costumes, ect... 
If you would like to be a Starship Ajax volunteer send us a messege on the

contact page.
Introducing the crew of the U.S.S. Ajax

Starship Ajax is a not-for profit production and all donations are to be used for production costs ONLY.

All donors are asked to include their personal information so that you can be credited in the end credits of each episode.

J. C. England as
Capt. Charles Boone
Jodi Ballinger-Bray as
Commander  J. M. Colt
Mark Gentle as
CMO, Dr. Nathaniel Adams
Charles Walker as
Chief Engineer, Lt. Comdr. Daniel North
See the complete cast list here.
Michael L. King as
CSO, Lt. Comdr.. Clyde Witherspoon
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